Every day for the past two years I’ve been working in pursuit of my dream to be a global entertainer and style leader. I know this sounds crazy but it is my dream and i have taken action to make it come true.  

I have been blessed to work with an amazing team, for whom I am grateful and thankful for their belief in me. They have pushed me harder than I knew i could be pushed. They have taught me things, important things, about myself, others and the world around us, that I needed to learn.   

I am so excited to share the results of our hard work with the world. I have been waiting my entire life to drop original music and now, finally, i am proud to be releasing songs that I feel are reflective of the dynamic, optimistic, strong young woman I am today. I truly hope my voice is clear and my message is relatable in my records. The camera has always been kind to me, and visuals are an important part of my artistic expression that I really enjoy conceptualizing and capturing. I’ve also enjoyed finding different styles and looks that match with the music. It is an amazing feeling to see your ideas come to life in so many forms ! 

Finally going public with all I’ve been working so hard on is unbelievably liberating, I feel an energy and vibe flowing through me unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. Along the way there have been doubts, tears, bruises, sleepless nights and fears. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. But I am so proud of myself and my team for persevering and pushing through it all. I cant wait for what’s going to happen next and I hope you join me on this journey

Kastilla xx


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