Kastilla was born in Brampton, Canada. Her love of music comes naturally through a childhood spent listening to classic RNB with her father and singing at church.  

Leaving home when she was 16, Kastilla is now 21 and ready to share her debut release,  based on her experiences and lessons learned from the school of life.  She is committed to what she describes as ‘the grind’, a disciplined and strict process based around collaborations with mentors who can teach her along the way. 

Kastilla is discovering her voice through her own grind, combining elements of urban, pop and R&B genres and dynamic choreography into her creative process.  Her influences range from Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Mary J. Blige to Janet Jackson and Sia, to name just a few.

Finding her passion has awakened Kastilla to appreciate the value of process and hard work. In many ways she is a throwback to these old school values. She has spent hundreds of hours in the studio; conceiving, arranging and producing her music, loving every minute of it alongside her core production team of Richie Hennessy (Brass Munk) and Akeel Henry (interned at OVO with 40). Generous, amazing mentors have included Andreena Mills and Jayd Ink who are true artists that Kastilla admires.

Falconer has been a blessing as a vocal coach, coaxing Kastilla to understand the whole nature of proper singing and pushing her to amaze herself as she continuously discovers the new range and power of her voice. Leon Blackwood is a fantastic choreographer and dance coach, he has such a positivity and energy for days.  In addition many friends and her business partner have made many sacrifices and are incredibly supportive of Kastilla’s vision. 

Kastilla is the embodiment of a savvy young artist creating great music and lifestyle content in today’s social media climate.  She has been in the driver’s seat every step of the way from music production to art direction to choreography to brand development. Her message is positive, inclusive and a testament that anyone can achieve their dreams if they grind, work hard, stay focused and trust their process.